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Andrea Cheng

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Don’t allow stress in life to impact your well being. I can help you cultivate balance and peace from within.

Lifestyle Guru and Tai Chi, Chi Kung Lifetime Master Practitioner

“Going with the Flow” has led you into stagnate water. It is time to move forward. I can help you develop your next venture.

Human Resource Developer

Communication is key to harmonious interpersonal relationships and seamless infrastructure in business. I can help you motivate and raise productivity in your staff.

Chief Executive Officer, Former Fortune 100 Company Elite Facility Operator and Recruiter, Mentor, Educator


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Andrea Cheng is a professional, Strategic Life Coach combining her over 40 years of work experience and “Applied Chinese Philosophy” to develop Your Next Winning Strategies!

  • Fortune 100 Company Certified Management Trainer

    Elite Operation Manager        Management Recruiter
    Fiscal Efficiency Adviser        Human Resource Developer    

  • Leadership Strategist

    CEO                Business Owner            Producer

  • Professional Educator

    Mentor                Co-Author                Speaker         

  • Healthy Living Advocate

    Chi Kung and Tai Chi Master                     A.I.M. Therapy            Nutritional Science

  • Native Chinese Multi Lingual Multi Culture