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About Andrea Cheng

I am a professional, Strategic Life Coach. I am multi cultural and multi lingual. I have extensive work experience within a Fortune 100 company as operational manager, efficiency expert, management recruiter and human resource developer. My strategies of implementation are evolved from Applied Chinese Philosophy. This same approach has allowed me to accelerate and succeed within my own career. I now teach my clients how to implement these same Applied Philosophies to business, leadership, political science and personal empowerment as a way of life. 


Publishing Business Management

  • Business Administration

  • Product / Merchandise Development

  • Journalist

  • Photographer

  • Marketing / Sales

  • Products Distribution / Logistics

Fashion Business Management & Operation

  • Fashion Business Administration

  • Fashion Merchandising / Manufacturing

  • Fashion Sales / Retail Management

  • Product Distribution Logistics

  • Fashion Purchasing

  • Creative Presentation

Business Management & Administration

  • Efficiency Expert

  • Fiscal Performance Efficiency Advisor

  • Human Resources Development

  • Management Trainer / Recruiter

  • Marketing / Sales

  • Retail Management

  • Point Of Sales Systems Analyst

  • B to B Support

  • Merchant Services Expert

  • Loss Prevention / Risk Management

  • Purchase Management

  • Trainer of Hospitality / Service Industries

  • Customer Care Specialist / Trainer

  • Corporate Food Services Management

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